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Saturday, March 7, 2009

WML Script Developer’s Guide - Free e-book download

This book used to create the “Dynamic Mobile websites”. For creating mobile static pages we need the WML. But for creating dynamic driven websites, like handling the form (Form Validation), giving interaction to the page etc., In other wards, WML Script is the mobile version of JavaScript.

In this e-book you can learn full WMLScript. This e-book consists of the following chapters, Elements, Operators and Expressions, Programs, Statements, Functions, Calling WMLScript Functions from WML, WMLScript Examples and Debugging WMLScripts.

Requirements to read this book:

• At least you have knowledge on World Wide Web (www).
• You must know WML, XML and HTML.
• A good understanding of JavaScript or other scripting languages.
• Programming language concepts such as Object Oriented Programming.
• Programming Languages such as C, C++ and so on…

Here you must have the little knowledge on above technologies. Otherwise reading this e-book is wasting of time.

Publisher: Openwave
Download: WML Script Developer’s Guide - Free e-book download

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