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Saturday, March 7, 2009

WML Developer’s Guide - Free e-book download

Do you want to create Professional Mobile sites? This e-book is for you to develop the mobile sites using WML (Wireless Markup Language). Basically mobile sites created using WML Script. It’s based on XML (Extensible Markup Language). WML pages associable on any handheld device those having WAP support. WAP is nothing but the protocol to access the Mobile sites.

This e-book provides information on developing WML 1.3 and applications for Mobile Browsers. Using this guide you can create mobile sites for any hand held devices. But this book mainly concentrates on developing applications for Mobile Browsers accessing an Openwave Mobile Access Gateway.

Requirements to read this book:

  1. You must know the basics of HTML. Download HTML e-book
  2. Basics of XML. Download XML e-book.
  3. Dynamic content creation using ASP (Active Server Pages) or CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
  4. Programming languages: C and Perl

If you don’t know the languages like ASP, CGI, C and Perl, don’t worry. You can create Professional Static WML pages.

Publisher: Openwave
Download: WML Developer’s Guide - Free e-book download

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