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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Windows XP: Tips and Tricks - Free e-book Download

Hi guys,

Today I'm going to give the e-books about Tricks and Tips in Windows XP. Microsoft Windows XP is the fully customizable Operating System than the other. It is very easy. But you need some guides to do this. Because you can avoid by doing some changes by yourself.

There are several Free and Paid Tools available on the internet for that customization. For example to cleaning the temporary files, just go to Start-> click Run and type %temp% and click the ok button. Now your computer's Temporary folder shows lot of unnecessary files. Just press the Shift+Delete button to permanently delete those files from your computer.

For this simple function you need to download softwares. and you need to trust that software as Spyware and Malware free. No don't waste your time to searching for such programs. Just learn and do it yourselef.

The following e-books gives more and more advanced tips in Windows XP operating system.

1. E-Book from New York Society Library:
Both Windows XP and Vista compared tips with illustrated example. This e-book contains Adding more space, Speed up your PC, Security Tips and more tips.
Download: NY Library Win XP Tips - Mirror: NY Library Win XP Tips-M

2. Win XP Tips and Tricks from University of Delaware:
This e-book contains basic tools for your PC. It is about Security, how to backup you data, Solving the Document problems, System problems, booting problems, Printers, Network connectivity, help with input devices, time saving tips, hardware and software tips and many more.
Download: Win XP Tips - Mirror: Win XP Tips-M

3. Total Win XP professional tips:
Using Control panel elements, Desktop tips, Tips for Explorer and removable storage media tips and many more tips are available in this e-book.
Download: Win XP Tips-Pro - Mirror: Win XP Tips-Pro-M

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