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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Learn Macromedia Flash Basic 8 - Create your own Flash Documents

Hi friends,

Today I got one new book for Macromedia Flash 8. This ebook gives some of the basics in Macromedia Flash Basic 8. You can learn basic steps to make the flash documents. But You must learn yourself.


  • Basic Tasks: Create a Document
  • Basic Tasks: Creating Banner
  • Basic Tasks: Create Accessible Flash Content
  • Basic Tasks: Work with Layers
  • Basic Tasks: Create an Application
  • Basic Tasks: Use Layout Tools
  • Basic Tasks: Create Symbols and Instances
  • Basic Tasks: Add Button Animation and Navigation
  • Basic Tasks: Create a Presentation with Screens (Flash Professional Only)
  • Creating Graphics: Draw in Flash
  • Creating Graphics: Create a Timeline Animation
  • Creating Graphics: Making Animations with Easing (Flash Professional only)
  • Creating Graphics: Applying Gradients
  • Creating Graphics: Apply Graphic Filters and Blends (Flash Professional Only)
  • Text: Add Text to a Document
  • ActionScript: Use Script Assist mode
  • ........ and 7 more chapters are included including Data Integration.

Source: \ Download: Macromedia Flash 8 - Basics.

Here is the Flash Sample eBook.

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